Community & Charitable Works

Signature Renovations is a dedicated partner to the charitable organizations working to improve our world both locally and globally.

At Signature Renovations, our commitment to our clients is matched only by a similar commitment to the community in which we live and, more specifically, the nonprofit and charitable organizations that help those in need.

As a minority-owned company, we are all-too familiar with the many opportunities bestowed upon our organization. We have responded to our country’s faith in us with an unparalleled commitment to excellence in the work we do.

But we similarly believe that we owe something to our community – both locally and globally. That opportunities granted us require a commensurate attempt by us to provide opportunities to others. It is for these reasons and others that Signature Renovations provides volunteerism, donations, and in-kind material support to organizations we feel are doing the most for those in need.

Pathway Homes

Signature Renovations is proud of its years-long support of Pathway Homes – a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit providing housing and support services for adults with mental illness and co-occurring disabilities.

From ongoing financial support and participation in Pathway Homes’ annual fundraising events to in-kind design, development, construction and support of Pathway homes, Signature Renovations is a proud and committed partner to Pathway Homes and their good works in the Washington metropolitan area.

“We are immensely grateful to the support we have received from Signature Renovations. The company and its founder, Satinderpal Singh, put their money and talents to work helping our community’s neediest residents. We genuinely appreciate their partnership and support.”

– Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, President and CEO

“We cannot say enough about the support we have received from Signature Renovations. The company’s commitment to its local communities is abundantly clear to us. And that desire to help and produce lasting change also can be found in its similar support for our global initiatives. Suffice it to say we always appreciate support – but that support is made sweeter when the company and its founder genuinely and passionately believe in what we are doing.”

– Robbie Schaefer, Founder”

OneVoice Community

Signature Renovations is pleased to provide financial and hands-on support to OneVoice Community – a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit giving creative expression and voice to children living in some of our planet’s neediest communities.

From community and school-based activities in Signature Renovation’s own Prince Georges’ County home to far more distant locations including Africa, Central America, and India, OneVoice Community believes that enabling children to express themselves is one of our planet’s best hopes for creating a more healthy, productive, and innovative future.